Underwear for a Big Men? Bear Skn (English Version)

I had the chance to try their products in these last months and i can say without any doubt that it’s the best underwear us big guys can dream of wearing. First of all, it goes from S all the way to 6XL (US-size), it gives comfort where it’s needed, it’s delicate on our skin but strongly built to last, and avaiable in many colors and patterns.
It has always been a struggle for us Men of Weight, to find decent underwear. Bland colors, thigh friction, lack of support “where it’s needed” ans so on. A bad, and sometimes even expensive, investment. Bear Skn.
Instead, i’ll tell you why Bear Skn underwear is a good one: the comfort is guaranteed, the elastic follows our midsection without leaving marks underneath, and stretches enough to not squeeze our beautiful love handles in an undesirable way.
The bands on the thighs don’t leave marks as well and follow the legs in every movement, i use them even to play soccer and i never had any issue. 
[the old collection, still avaiable in some patterns and styles, is made with cotton and polyester, reinforced with double and triple stitching]
It is also finally avaiable the fantastic new Bear Skn collection: New Neon Brights
Compared to the old one, this has new color combinations, and it’s made with an awesome new material, bamboo fiber: it’s eco-friendly, it matches body temperature and naturally kills bacteria, other than absorbing sweat for three times its weight, making every day a sweat-free experience.
The fabric is extremely light, as bamboo fiber is thinner than human hair and it’s very round and smooth, feeling just like silk on our skin: I love it.
Both collections have a particular characteristic that makes them the perfect underwear for us Men of Weight: a special transpiring zone exactly where it’s needed the most (see pic) to keep it fresh and clean.
I am very happy to have discovered this brand and their products and I recommend you to try them at least once, to feel how comfortable Bear Skn products are.
This is their site:
They are also on Facebook, instagram and any other social network.
I thank Bear Skn for having made these exceptional products for us MEN OF WEIGHT
Alessandro Carella – Uomini Di Peso
Foto by Alessandro Manci – Alexander FotoArt


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